OSTRING | Semifinala Muntenia



12 MARTIE 2016   00:00  -  00:00

Portile arenei OSTRING se deschid la Bucuresti pe 12 martie la Quantic Pub2 de la ora 20:00. Va asteptam in numar mare sa-i sustineti si sa votati pentru Bulletproof, Deathrattle, Eternal Fire, Pyroblast, Spinecrusher si Tenebres.

Pentru mai multe detalii puteti accesa www.ostring.ro


  • Deathrattle

    Deathrattle este o trupa de speed thrash metal din Bucuresti, formata in aprilie 2014.Pe parcusul anilor 2014-2015 trupa a avut concerte in diferite locatii cum ar fi Fabrica, Question Mark, B52, Arenele Romane, etc., reusind sa se faca remarcata in undergroundul din Bucuresti. Pe langa concertele sustinute, baietii au lucrat si la primul lor al

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  • Eternal Fire

    "Heart-pounding, heart-swelling music — the kind of keyboard-accented pagan metal that delivers both emotionally compelling melodies and plenty of ferocity (thanks in part to the savage, serrated vocal tirades). Every one of these songs features melodic guitar hooks and keyboard measures that are gripping, albeit melancholy, as w

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  • Bulletproof

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  • Pyroblast

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  • Spinecrusher

    Spinecrusher was formed in December 2008 at the initiative of guitarist Daniel Gheorghiu, drummer Matei Gheorghe (former members of Desolation Decay), and bass player Radu Nastase. Heavily influenced by death/thrash /black metal, the three wanting to further pursue their musical career by enrolling two new members in the band, guitarist Stefan P

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  • Tenebres

    Tenebres was an atmospheric/dark ambient project that morphed in what it can be called today a gothic doom metal band with black metal influences.

    Tenebres was incarnated in the winter of 2015 from the sacrifice of three completely different bands,members from each band joined together in one.

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