Ansamblu vocal-instrumental Heavy Death Metal

GOTHIC was established in 1992 by Alin Petrut in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains of Transilvania, Romania, becoming in a short period of time one of the most respected metal bands in Romania.
Having played in over 400 gigs so far, Gothic is a real metal force onstage, playing almost in all the occasions in full-house clubs in Romania.

Their debut album (Touch Of Eternity - 1998 Bestial Rec) was one of the best selling albums of the romanian metal stage back in the 90`s, songs like `Anguish`,`Memorial Winter`or`Regrets`turning into real metal hymns. Metal Hammer granted a 9 (out of 10) reviewing this album.

Alin Petrut moved the band in Belgium between 2000-2004,and along with belgian members released the second album `In Blood We Trust`in 2004 at Painkiller Rec. The album was released under the name Innerfire, because another band with the name `Gothic`existed in France at the time, and Painkiller rec. didn`t want any confusions.
Being expeled from Belgium due to his illegal situation Alin Petrut reformed the band Gothic in Romania in 2005. To this occassion the anniversary autoproduced album `12 Years Of True Metal`was released.

Between 2005-2011 the band extensively toured Eastern Europe, but the unfortunate line-up changes prevented the recording of a new album. Having now a stable line-up, the band entered Consonance Studio from Timisoara, Romania in july 2011. The recording of the new album `Expect The Worst` is finished, a new video is going to be released in the near future. The band is presently looking for a label to release this album. 

In 17th may 2012 the band won the finals of the romanian national contest for WACKEN METAL BATTLE, that being the second time the band arrived in the finals of this important event.

Their music can be defined as a good combination of death metal with darker elements, all with excellent powerful guitar riffs. Loud rhythmic riffs are used mostly, and they are essential to add heaviness to the music because mere speed is not enough. There are three types of vocals. A death-metal one, a screaming type closer to black metal one, and a third one, more melodical. All of this gives a good combination of dark brutal vibes. The sound is concentrated especially on the guitars, which is essential to manifestate all the power of the band...

A hard working band, a new album fully recorded, waiting to be released and a slot at Wacken Open Air, the future of GOTHIC is looking very promising !


    Romania   Heavy Death Metal

  • Membri

    George Lazar - vocals
    Alin Petrut - guitar/vocals
    Taly - bass
    Alin Moise - guitar
    Vlad Golgotiu - drums

  • Gen Heavy Death Metal