Ansamblu vocal-instrumental Hellish Deathrash

Spinecrusher was formed in December 2008 at the initiative of guitarist Daniel Gheorghiu, drummer Matei Gheorghe (former members of Desolation Decay), and bass player Radu Nastase. Heavily influenced by death/thrash /black metal, the three wanting to further pursue their musical career by enrolling two new members in the band, guitarist Stefan Pascu and Andrei Radulescu on lead vocals.
The band made its first live appearance on the 30th of October 2011, in Fabrica Club, sharing the stage with Necrodeath and Riul Doamnei.
In 2012, Spinecrusher had several concerts in Bucharest, two in Constanta and one in Slatina. They were also invited to play with Christ Agony and Daemonicus at Workers’ Day Metal Fest in Ruse, Bulgaria.
In the summer of 2012, on the 3rd of August, after just four years with the band, lead vocalist Andrei Radulescu decides to leave the group and shortly after this departure, with 4 new members, he started a new band called Violesson. After a few weeks of harsh auditions, Spinecrusher adds Bony, the ex-mastermind of infamous thrash metal act Snapjaw, as the new lead vocals of the band and they made a major change in image, using masks and body paint.
On the 13th of October, Spinecrusher performed on the first edition of Romanian Thrash Metal Fest in Bucharest along with the British thrash metal legend Onslaught, the Brazilian thrash/death metal act Krow, with the Romanian old school progressive death metal band Taine and also with many other great extreme metal bands.
The last 2012 show was held at the last edition of Satan Klaus Metal Party, on the 15th of December with Parricide as headliner.
Shoutouts to Necrodeath, Riul Doamnei, Infest, The Stone, Christ Agony, Blasphemophagher, Parricide, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC, Delirium X Tremens, Krow, Onslaught, Eufobia, Sodomizer/Hellkommander, Avatar, Code Red, Spectral, Cadavrul, Altar, DinUmbra, Sincarnate, Kistvaen and Akral Necrosis.
Spinecrusher released its first material, Hellthrash on March 23rd at Underground Metal Resistance Festival in digital form and on April 6th they released it on CD.
Stay crushed! ʇ


    Romania   Hellish Deathrash

  • Membri

    Andrei Radulescu - Vocals
    Daniel Gheorghiu - Lead Guitar/ Vocals 
    Stefan Pascu - Rhythm Guitar 
    Radu Nastase - Bass /Vocals
    Vlad Ardeleanu - Drums

  • Gen Hellish Deathrash