Blast from the Past



22 AUGUST 2020   19:00  -  23:50

 #BlastFromThePast  este o petrecere cu metale din trecut, in special din perioada anilor 90, pusa la cale de doi prieteni vechi, amandoi editori de fanzin in a doua jumatate a anilor 90, Coro de la Axa Valaha zine si Arhicon de la Din Intunerec zine. Petrecerea reprezinta pretextul de a aduce impreuna prieteni, in conditii de siguranta in vreme de pandemie, pe terasa Gradinii de Vara din Quantic, sambata 22 august, incepand cu ora 7:00 pm.

???? A fanzine (blend of FAN and MAGAZINE or -ZINE) is a non-professional and non-official publication produced by enthusiasts of a particular cultural phenomenon (such as a literary or musical genre, in this case extreme metal) for the pleasure of others who share their interest.
Typically, publishers, editors, writers and other contributors of articles or illustrations to fanzines are not paid. Fanzines are traditionally circulated free of charge, or for a nominal cost to defray postage or production expenses. Copies are often offered in exchange for similar publications, or for contributions of art, articles, or letters of comment (LoCs), which are then published.
Most of the fanzines were typed and photocopied by amateurs using standard home office equipment. A few fanzines have developed into professional publications (sometimes known as "prozines"), and many professional writers were first published in fanzines; some continue to contribute to them after establishing a professional reputation. The term fanzine is sometimes confused with "fan magazine", but the latter term most often refers to commercially produced publications FOR (rather than BY) fans.

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