Dopethrone [ca], RoadkillSoda [ro], Tragic [ro] | Quantic



29 OCTOMBRIE 2019   20:00  -  23:55

Dopethrone are the kind of humans that eat the blues for lunch and wash it all down with a giant jug of crust punch!
This is one of those bands that will have the crusty punks head banging right next to the stoners, both united under the bad sign of doom.

Dopethrone plays Slutch Metal.
It's a foul Canadian mix of yellow snow, crackhead diarrhea, blood, tears and broken dreams.

The reflection of the 70’s American hawk, of the dusty Dodge, ragged T-shirts, tattoos, beards, booze, naked chicks and good vibes.

Tragic is a four member doom/postmetal/sludge band based in Bucharest RO, on its way to its 2nd studio release.

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