The Hypnotunez



2 DECEMBRIE 2019   20:00  -  23:00

THE HYPNOTUNEZ - shout-swing, swingcore, jazzpunk, punk-rock, garage, progressive, swing, jazz, punk

'' We are the dirty rats of jazz!
We love to make some noisy mess out of swing & punk-rock! ''


Suburbia11. - With a unique combination of reggae-ska and balkan music, Suburbia11 is the band that turns every performance into a party. The group was formed in 2016 in Sibiu (Romania) and since then they played festivals and club concerts across Romania, Germany and Hungary (SzigetFestival, MaNo Festival, Awake, Quantic Fest, Street Food Festival, Interferences Theatre Festival, Vibe Fest, Szfera Festival, Rocanotherworld, Delahoya, Focus in the Park, and many others).

  • Program

    20:00 - 23:00

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